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Kapiti Observer 15th January 2001 "Front Page"

Tranquillity of bush inspires young artist.

Waikanae resident William Gee is only 19 but he has set up a gallery to provide a window into the natural world of the bush
"I am hoping my paintings of the New Zealand bush will capture people even for a brief moment and take them away
from whatever they are preoccupied with, says young William, who left college a year ago.

He originally planned to go to art school but the St Patrick's college prize winning
student for art was disappointed with his bursary results.

A deeply unhappy William could not face picking up a brush after that.
But six months down the track he could no longer ignore the call of the wild.

In the last eight months he has started to produce a string of bush scenes in acrylic.
Shy by nature, William is happiest alone in the bush. He spends time there every day.
"There is a calm peace full life form there - different from the lives most of us lead," he says.

When he is impressed by a composition he uses a camera to capture "the light".

"You cannot paint it immediately as the light changes. So I freeze it with a camera,"
says William, who then uses the picture to anchor the image he reconstructs on his canvas to match his original impression.

His farther Don Gee a retired printer, has supported his son and helped set up the gallery at their Te Moana Road residence.

He has chosen a tough career direction as it is a difficult area from which to make a living,
says the senior Gee adding that young William is mustard keen to succeed.